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Do I need a phone or wireless cell internet service to connect?
No, MediaScouter uses a database contained on an SD card in your PDA or smart phone which does not require a phone or wireless internet connection. However, you do need access to the internet to download the pricing and title datafiles.

Do I need a barcode scanner?
The scanner is optional, but highly recommended for faster scouting. We recommend Socket scanners (, The 5M or 5P models are great because they fit into the PDA's compact flash slot (make sure your PDA has a compact flash (CF) slot). The Socket Bluetooth 7M and 7P hand held scanners are also a good choice for a wireless scanner (make sure your PDA has Bluetooth connectivity). The Socket Bluetooth 9M and 9P ring scanners are a good choice for freeing up both hands.

Are all the books in the database?
MediaScouter is committed to providing members the most complete database available, however, we cannot guarantee every book is in our database.

What is required to install your software?
Installation requires a Windows based PC and basic understanding of how to install a software application

How fast do the results display on the screen?
After you scan, the screen displays the results in less than a second along with a beep. The beep indicates if the item matches your predetermined criteria allowing you to scan continuously without looking at the screen.

What Amazon information is provided?
MediaScouter displays the 5 lowest used and 5 lowest new prices, sales rank, total number of items listed on Amazon, title, # of pages, ISBN or UPC, condition of the item and other information.

What kind of information is entered?
MediaSouter accepts ISBN as well as UPC and EAN numbers. The UPC or EAN numbers are available for VHS, DVDs, video and computer games, music and software.

Can I set specific criteria for books and other media?
Yes, the MediaScouter program comes with a default criteria as well as the option for simple or advanced criteria which can be custom built to meet your scouting needs. You can choose your criteria based on rank, pricing, market availability, etc.

Once set, can the criteria be changed?
Yes, you can change your criteria as often as needed.

Will MediaScouter allow me to use my advanced criteria with different purchase prices?
Yes, MediaScouter allows for 2 sets of criteria as well as the default criteria. It is easy to switch between criteria when you are scouting. You can also enter in the purchase cost, and the program will estimate the profit for you.

How big is the cache file download and how long does it take to download?
The pricing data download is over 500 MB and will take 5-15 minutes to download using the MediaScouter Desktop Download Tool and depending on your internet connection. The titles file is over 1 gb in size and can take up to an hour to download.

How often do I have to download the data files?
For the best results, MediaScouter recommends updating your pricing files each time you go out scouting. The titles file only needs to be updated on a monthly basis.

Can I use the same registration code on more than one PDA or smart phone?
No, the registration code is only for a single PDA or smart phone. If you would like to use more than one device, we do offer discounts for multiple devices.

What kind of support do you offer?
We offer free technical support via email Technical phone support is available for our United States members at (651) 323-8468.

What about software and games?
In addition to books, movies, VHS tapes, DVD's and CD's, you can also find the price and rank information for software and electronic games (PC, Xbox, Playstation Nintendo).

What about Title searches?
Title searches are available for pre ISBN items.

Can the beeps be turned off?
Yes, the sound volume can be turned off on your PDA or smart phone. Or, headphones will eliminate the sound to those scouting around you while still allowing you to hear the different beeps.